The Openpay app lets you set up an account for fast, secure interest-free payment plans in minutes. Openpay is available across multiple lifestyle industries from automotive to home-improvement, healthcare and retail.

Openpay’s paperless registration and application makes it simple to budget and pay more easily, especially for those bigger ticket or unexpected items like getting your car serviced or dental. With Openpay’s app, it is simple to monitor your current plans and repayments without any surprise fees or interest – download the app to set up a plan today.

Making a purchase with Openpay is easy – here’s how it works:
- Just open the app and complete the one-time registration process
- Provide your customer ID number to the sales assistant and then retrieve your plan
- Select your preferences and confirm your plan
- After your purchase, you can rate your experience. You’ll also get an email confirming your plan details.

Visit our web site to see if Openpay is available at your favourite retailers.