My Solar
With your Solar Smart Monitor connected to your solar energy system and your Solar Analytics subscription, you can log in to the My Solar app anytime from your mobile to view:

- Your solar energy system's performance
- Your energy usage
- Net electricity bought and sold
- When and how you're loading your system
- How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day
- Alerts and faults diagnostics

The Dashboard:
Using your Solar Analytics dashboard, you can tell when it's the most efficient time of the day to turn on your most energy-hungry appliances. Run the pool pump, turn off the hot water, and set your appliances to run at the optimal time every day to slash your energy bills even further.

Live Monitor:
With up to 51.8% of solar panels not performing at any point in time, you need to know exactly when there is an issue. Your live monitor data is updated every five seconds and displayed in real time.