Save The Date To Vaccinate – NEW
Save The Date To Vaccinate – NEW

***Already using the app?: Update your existing app before downloading this new app***

This new app features an improved calendar and backup for your child’s profiles. If you already use the ‘Save The Date To Vaccinate’ app and would like to transfer your child’s profile, please update your existing app in the App Store before downloading this new app.

New app at a glance:
This new free ‘Save The Date To Vaccinate’ app is an easy-to-use reminder tool that helps parents and carers remember to vaccinate their children on time.
On-time vaccination is your child’s best protection against serious diseases.
This app will create a personalised immunisation schedule for all your family members, complete with reminder notifications for when vaccinations are due.
You can also use the app to record your GP’s details, keep track of past vaccinations and play sounds to help soothe your child.

Key Features
• One calendar view for all your family’s recommended vaccinations
• Personalised immunisation schedules
• Helpful reminder notifications so you don’t forget to vaccinate
• Vaccination information
• Vaccination record keeping feature

Note: After downloading this app, it will appear in your phone as ‘DateToVax’ – the shortened version of this app name. Please use ‘DateToVax’ when searching for this app in your phone.