■ 截至2019年,網漫界的代表平台TOPTOON已在全世界累積了1800名會員,與80億瀏覽回次!

■ 熱門漫畫天天更新
- [免費/特價] 折扣優惠小確幸!豪邁追漫不手軟~

■ 以讀者為中心的漫畫平台
- 有讀者的支持才有今日的TOPTOON,TOPTOON是為讀者而生。
- TOPTOON的營運方針始終圍繞著廣大讀者、以讀者為中心。

■ 輕鬆上手無負擔的介面
- 會員購買的所有漫畫妥善保管於「書櫃」內,並可即時確認更新內容。
- 帳號同步功能完善,APP與網頁版轉換觀看無時差。
- 貼心的書籤系統可幫助會員紀錄閱讀過的章節資訊,而「興趣清單」也能幫助會員整理喜愛作品。
- 只需信箱與密碼即可加入的超便利會員註冊。

TOPTOON APP將持續不斷地改善更新,提供讀者最便利的漫畫閱讀平台。
18 million members worldwide
International website platform - TOPTOON
Watch the latest and most popular online comics through a simple and convenient interface!

■ As of 2019, TOPTOON, the representative platform of the online communication industry, has accumulated 1,800 members worldwide, and browsed back with 8 billion!

■ Popular comics are updated every day
- [Free / Specials] Discounts are small! Haomai chasing is not soft~

■ Reader-centric comic platform
- With the support of readers, there is today's TOPTOON, TOPTOON is born for readers.
- TOPTOON's operating principles are always centered around readers and readers.

■ Easy to use without burden interface
- All comics purchased by the member are kept in the "book cabinet" and the updated contents can be confirmed immediately.
- The account synchronization function is perfect, and there is no time difference between the APP and the web version conversion.
- The intimate bookmarking system helps members to record chapter information they have read, and the "List of Interests" can also help members organize their favorite works.
- En-capable member registrations that can be joined with a mailbox and password.

The TOPTOON APP will continue to improve and update, providing readers with the most convenient comic reading platform.