Niantic’s Next AR Mobile Game Peridot Lets You Raise Virtual Pets Tamagotchi Style

A new original IP lets players create their own unique creatures and share them with the world.

PERIDOT IS THE NEW POKEMON GO AR GAME! Pokemon Go meets Tamagotchi

Peridot is a new AR game from Niantic – the developers behind Pokemon Go! It’s a game where you catch, adopt, breed and take care of digital creatures! Every creature is unique!


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Peridot niantic France accès anticipé.

Comment jouer a Péridot Niantic en France avant la sortie officielle.

Code Groupe Niantic peridot France de la chaîne : HUElcjTK

Télécharger Péridot ici :

Fake gps ici :
et suivre la procédure.

vous devez avoir débloquer l’option développer.
position fictive.

Lancer d’abord Fake gps et chercher Malaisie.
une fois en Malaisie vous pouvez lancé Péridot et suivre les instructions.

quand tous es ok vous pouvez retourner chez vous en France où resté en Malaisie.

Peridot | Official Announcement Teaser

From the makers of Pokemon Go comes a brand new mobile pet adventure game!

An imaginative new friend. A story that’s completely yours. Peridot, an upcoming real-world adventure pet game where you raise, care for, and breed one-of-a-kind adorable creatures. Pre-register today to stay up-to-date on our development!

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Niantic New Upcoming AR Mobile Game Peridot | Update | Hindi | Soft Launch Date? |

Hi, Everyone, We Are On Indian Gaming Channel. In This Todays Video, You Get Information About An Upcoming AR Mobile Game From Niantic Peridot. The Soft Launch Of This Game Very Soon.

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00:54 Game Details
02:27 How To Pre-Register?
03:28 Outro

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