Abyssal Armor Pieces – Darksiders Guide

Abyssal Armor Pieces can be found in Chests hidden throughout the game. Collect all ten to unlock the powerful Abyssal

First 5 Abyssal Armor Pieces Darksiders

Here are the first 5 Armor Pieces in Darksiders. The second five will be up this weekend. Have fun searching and you have any questions fill the comment box and I’ll answer as soon as possible. *Sorry for the typos in the video, I realize its abyssal, not abysmal* www.strengthgamer.com

Getting the 1st 2 pieces of the Abyssal Armour( Gaunlet & Plate)

Darksiders – Abyssal Armor Locations

The 10 pieces required to collect for the darksiders abyssal armor.

Darksiders Genesis – Strife’s Abyssal Armor GUIDE

This video shows how to get all parts for Strife’s Abyssal Armor set.
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