Pac-Man Crossover With Fortnite Announced, Launches June 2

The popular gaming brand that dates back to the ’80s is crossing over with the battle royale game very soon.

*NEW* PAC-MAN Back Blings and Emote | REACTIVE | Gameplay + Combos! Before You Buy (Fortnite)

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Here is a review on the new Pac-Man back bling, with a reactive test and combos, and also the Pac-Brained emote, enjoy! Experience the thrill of sega consoles in order games online - timeless classics at your fingertips.

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‘Fortnite’ will feature a ‘Pac-Man’ crossover to celebrate series’ anniversary

Fortnite will play host to a Pac-Man crossover next month, to celebrate the series’ 42nd anniversary. On Sunday (May 22), the official Fortnite Twitter account congratulated Pac-Man on the series’ 42nd birthday. The innocuous comment sparked interest among fans, who suspected the well-meaning birthday wishes could really be a teaser for a crossover between both games. Those suspicions turned out to be correct, as today (May 23) the official Pac-Man website has announced a collaboration set to begin in June. While details are scarce, the crossover will begin on June 2 and will feature “items with the ‘Pac-Man‘ motif,” according to the announcement. Bandai Namco‘s post added that more information will be available soon. Pac-Man‘s appearance in Fortnite will line up with the battle royale’s upcoming Chapter 3 Season 2 finale. As the event draws near, fans can likely expect the return of Mecha Team Leader – a giant robot bear that was last seen in 2019. A recent audio snippet shared by Epic Games teases characters running to “battle stations”, before revealing an icon resembling Mecha Team Leader – suggesting that this time, players might even get to pilot the mech. Besides Pac-Man, it’s been another busy month for crossovers in Fortnite. Throughout May Epic Games has added Ob-Wan Kenobi and YouTuber Alastair “Ali A” Aiken as cosmetic bundles. Beyond their outfits, both bundles include Pickaxe and Back Bling skins. Going a little further back, other Fortnite crossovers have brought in the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Marvel’s Moon Knight, and music-reactive outfits to coincide with Coachella. In other news, Ubisoft has revealed Sens – the first non-binary operator to arrive in Rainbow Six Siege. The tactical shooter is also preparing to launch a Yakuza crossover, which will transform operators Hibana and Echo into characters from Sega’s Yakuza series.

Streamers React to *NEW* “PAC-MAN” COLLAB in Fortnite

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In Today’s Video, Streamers React To the NEW Pac Man Emote and Backbling in Fortnite.

Streamers React to *NEW* “PAC MAN” EMOTE in Fortnite (Collab)


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